Solutions To Prevent The Deterioration And Failure Of Lubricating Oil Of Raymond Mill2021-08-30

Raymond mill is a kind of very popular grinding equipment mining, metallurgy, building materials and chemical industry. In the working process of Raymond mill, all parts of the equipment should be in good lubrication.

When the lubricating oil of Raymond mill has deteriorated, it will not only fail to achieve the lubrication effect, but also will increase the friction between the parts, which will cause the wear of the parts, affect the stable operation of Raymond mill and reduce the production capacity. So, how should we prevent the deterioration and failure of lubricating oil of Raymond mill? Here are some tips and attentions.

1. Avoid Overtemperature

In relatively high temperature weather, when we use Raymond mill for material processing and production, it will lead to the oxidation of lubricating oil in production, and then accelerate the volatilization of lubricating oil, which leads to the thickening of lubricating oil, affecting the normal production of equipment. To solve this problem, we should change the lubricating oil regularly.

In the meantime, during the operation process of Raymond mill, the high temperature of the equipment will also cause the decrease of the lubrication effect. At this time, operators should find out the reason about the high temperature and solve the problem in time.

2. Avoid Low Temperature

In low temperature weather, ordinary lubricating oil will become more viscous as the temperature decreases, which in turn affects the lubrication effect of the Raymond mill. Therefore, in the case of low temperature, users should choose antifreeze type lubricants.

3. Prevent Deterioration Of Lubricating Oil

After the lubricating oil is used for a period of time, some dirt will be deposited, and the dirt will directly affect the viscosity of the lubricating oil, and increase the friction between the parts, which leads to the decrease of the lubricating effect. Therefore, while changing the lubricating oil, operators should pay attention to cleaning work, prevent lubricating oil pollution, and make sure the good sealing of bearing.

In summary, we should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of the working time of Raymond mill, because the heat dissipation speed in summer is slowed down, and the equipment will be affected if the equipment is operated for a long time without rest, and it may cause the motor to burn out in severe cases. Besides, we should also pay attention to the size, hardness and some other properties of raw materials. Raw materials do not meet requirements will also cause wear to Raymond mill, which will lead to the overload of Raymond mill.

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