9 Reasons Your Sand Making Machine Is Blocking Material2020-03-16

1. The material has a large water content. If the material has too much moisture, it may stick to the sand making machine, It can be pre-heated at the inlet.

2. The material is too hard or the particle size is too large. When the material is too hard or the particles of the crushed material are too large, and the strength of the sand making machine is not matched, the material has not been crushed, and the following material is forced into the crusher, resulting in the internal material not being discharged and blocked phenomenon.

3. The feeding speed is too fast. The feed speed and processing speed are not well matched, the feed is fast, the crushing is slow, and the equipment is prone to overloading, which will cause the phenomenon of blocking.

4. The tightness of the triangle belt is not appropriate. The production process of the sand making machine relies on the V-belt to transmit the power to the grooved wheel to crush the stone. When the triangle drive belt is loose, it will cause slippage. Instead of driving the pulley, the pulley will rotate. The material cannot be subjected to normal crushing force, and cannot be crushed in the crushing cavity, thereby causing a material blocking phenomenon.

5. Improper adjustment of discharge opening. If the speed of discharging the material is too slow or the discharge port is clogged, it will also cause the subsequent crushed materials to accumulate in the discharge port and the crushing chamber and cannot be discharged normally.

6. The coordination of production line equipment. When the conveying capacity of the conveyor does not match the crushing capacity of the crusher, the material behind it quickly enters the crusher while it is not crushed, causing the crushing to block in time.

7. the equipment itself. The wrong selection of the sand making machine model will cause blockage during the production process, so communicate with the technical staff when purchasing, and inform the technical staff of the materials to be broken and the size of the crushing, etc., and select the appropriate machine model.

8. The wear of the wear parts is severe. One of the reasons for the blockage is the serious wear of the sand making machine itself. Because the crushing material of the sand making machine mainly depends on the hammer head, if it is not replaced in time, when the harder material is encountered, the hammer head cannot be completely broken, so that the material cannot be discharged in time. At this time, new material enters and blockage will occur. Material phenomenon.

9. The voltage is too low. Unstable voltage will cause uneven and discontinuous feeding of the sand making machine. If the feeding is not uniform, when the feeding speed is higher than the discharging speed, a blockage will occur in the crushing cavity and the discharge port, and the broken product cannot be timely. It is discharged, and the material is continuously added to the equipment, which eventually causes the equipment to block up, and in severe cases, it causes the equipment to stop without heavy loads.

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