Application Of Raymond Mill In Production Of Kaolin Superfine Powder2021-06-07

Kaolin is first processed by Raymond mill for fineness, and then processed by ceramic technology. It is stipulated that drying at 105 ℃ is the classification standard of natural whiteness.

In order to improve the application level of kaolinite in ceramics, it is necessary to improve the processing technology standard of powder. The fineness of kaolin processed by Raymond mill can reach 1.6-0.045mm. Five grinding rollers revolve around the vertical axis and roll the material together with grinding ring and plate.

Raymond Mill successfully opens up the development market of grinding equipment in the ceramic industry through the processing of kaolin, and also has a new thinking direction for the research of ultra-fine powder grinding technology.

Advantage Of Raymond Mill Used In Kaolin Processing

Raymond grinding of deep processing of kaolin is a continuous innovation of ceramic materials from a technical level, and it is also the advanced nature of the working principle of Raymond mill to realize the more elaborate form of decorative materials such as coloured glazed tiles, external wall tiles and floor tiles.

The closed-circuit production system of Raymond mill is an independent production system from raw material rough processing to conveying to pulverizing to final packaging. The screening rate of the material is as high as 99%, which avoids the powder pollution and is worthy of being the preferred equipment for kaolin processing.

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