Quicklime Waste Water Treatment2021-05-27

Quicklime, also known as lime, is mainly composed of calcium oxide (CAO). Generally, the method of production is to calcine natural rock with main component calcium carbonate, which can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide at high temperature.

All natural rocks with calcium carbonate as the main component, such as limestone, Cretaceous, dolomite limestone, can be used to produce lime. Shell is used as raw material in coastal area, and shell ash is made by burning, and used as quicklime。

Quicklime waste water treatment has become a major issue related to the harmonious development of economy and society. In terms of controlling the growth of industrial pollutant emissions, the state has taken strict measures to strengthen the treatment and transformation of the paper making, brewing, chemical industry and printing and dyeing industries with quicklime, and eliminate the backward processes and equipment with high water consumption and heavy pollution. With the development of industrialization and urbanization in China, the discharge of quicklime industrial waste water and urban sewage is increasing year by year, which causes great pressure and harm to the environment due to substandard discharge. Quicklime is widely used in steel, electric power, chemical industry, coal and other key industries to promote waste water recycling and improve the reuse rate of industrial water. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the treatment process and technology of quicklime industrial wastewater, new requirements are put forward for the floculate of quicklime water treatment.

And SBM’S roller mill MTW series and vertical mill LM can grind quicklime into powder with capacity 3-60 ton per hour with finnest 50-325mesh. And such good quality powder can be used in desulfurization, aerated brick make, wast water treatment.

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