Palygorskites Uses And Processing Production2021-10-15

What Is Palygorskites

Attapulgite, also known as palygorskite, is a kind of layered chain silicate mineral containing water and rich magnesium. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties such as adsorption, colloid, carrier and reinforcement, it is known as the "Thousand Uses" "The land of the earth, the king of the earth" is widely used in many fields such as chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, agriculture, energy, environment, biology, bionics and so on.

The form of attapulgite is hair-like or fibrous, usually carpet-like or soil-like aggregates. Mohs hardness 2-3, heated to 700~800°C, hardness>5. The specific gravity is 2.05 ~ 2.32.

Usage Of Palygorskite

Due to the special physical and chemical properties and technological properties of attapulgite clay, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, papermaking, medicine, agriculture and so on. The largest domestic consumption is paint, drilling mud, and edible oil decolorization.

1.Desiccant For Packaging

In recent years, attapulgite mineral desiccant has been used in the field of drying materials due to its natural adsorption properties. It is environmentally friendly, degradable, non-toxic and harmless, and has a moisture absorption rate that is 50%-100% higher than that of silica gel desiccants. The natural structure is still It can selectively adsorb toxic gases such as formaldehyde and gaseous sulfide.

2.Decolorizing Material

Attapulgite can be used for the decolorization and refining of edible oil, as well as the filter and clarifier for beverages such as beer and fruit juice. It can not only decolorize, but also remove microorganisms in it, and can adsorb aflatoxin, a strong carcinogen in vegetable oil. In the domestic edible soybean oil decolorizer market, attapulgite activated clay has accounted for more than 70% of the market.

3.Paint Functional Additives

In the field of coatings, attapulgite can be used as a filler, leveling agent, thickener and stabilizer, etc. It has the advantages of good performance and low cost. For example, when attapulgite is used in latex paint, it can significantly increase its initial viscosity, thixotropy, sag resistance and hiding power, and improve the water separation of the paint; in alkyd enamel, compared with organic bentonite, attapulgite can Significantly improve the gloss and sag resistance of the paint film.

Palygorskite Powder Processing Technological Process

Phase one: raw material crushing palygorskite blocks will be crushed to 15mm-50mm fineness by crusher.

Phase two: grinding  palygorskite material will be sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and than the feeder will send the material to the main mill for grinding.

Phase three: classifying Ground material will be classified, coarse powder will fall back to the main mill to be ground again.

Phase four: production collecting Qualified powder will flow with the air and be collected in the dust catcher, then the finished powder will be transported to the product storage bin through discharge port. Lastly, the powder will be loaded by tank car or packed by packing machine.

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