Mineral Powder Production Line Process2022-06-21

The construction of a slag production line is basically composed of belt feeder + vibrating screen + slag vertical mill + hot blast stove + dust collector + finished product warehouse and other equipment. 

Feeding is conveyed by belt conveyor. During the conveying process, the slag raw materials are de-ironed and screened through the iron remover and the vibrating screen successively, and then enter the slag vertical mill for grinding through the weighing equipment bin and the hoist. 

The pulverized slag is selected by the powder separator with the help of the hot air provided by the hot blast stove, and dried at the same time. The slag powder that meets the fineness requirements is finally transported to the dust collector for collection and storage, and then enters the finished product warehouse by the air conveying chute and elevator for storage.

Application Field Of Mineral Powder Production Line

1. In the cement industry, it is suitable for grinding cement raw meal, pulverized coal and cement clinker.

2. In the building materials and metallurgical industries, it is suitable for grinding high-fine slag powder and high-fine steel slag powder.

3. In thermal power plants, it is suitable for the preparation of pulverized coal and the preparation of desulfurizer limestone powder.

After a lot of practice, it has been proved that the slag micropowder processed by the mineral powder production line has high activity and good performance, and can be used as a new type of admixture for high-performance cement and concrete, which can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of concrete and cement products. 

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