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How to Select Ball Mill

Ball mill is the vital equipment for grinding after the crushing process, and it is widely used in grinding kinds of medium hard mineral and other materials in the industries of building materials, chemical, cement, silicate products, new construction materials, refractory materials, chemical fertilizer, dressing of the black nonferrous metal, glass and ceramics, etc.  According to the processing technic, it can be divided into dry and wet two style mills. How to select ball mill is becoming more and more important in the modern society.

Ball mill selection principle

When you select ball mill, the following should be paid attention.

  • Cell type ball mill is widely used to coarse grinding and in general it is used in single grinding or the first section of two sections grinding. When have the closed circuit works, the grinding fineness is 50%~70%-0.074mm. Grinding mill always works with spiral classifier;
  • Rod mill is widely used in coarse grinding, the grinding size is 1~3mm, gravity separation factory can be 0.5mm. The more particle size fine, the lower grinding efficiency. Due to the rod effect in the grinding mill movement, the diameter of rod mill in general is no more than 4500mm; the rod length is no more than 6000mm. When ball mill works with rod mill, the matching ratio of rod mill and ball mill is 1:2;
  • Overflowing type ball mill is used to one section grinding and it can also use in the second grinding or re-grinding of intermediate products. Presently, it is usually used in the re-grinding working of second section or the intermediate products. The classify equipment in general equipped with hydrocyclone. Sometimes it is equipped with spiral classifier in the first grinding section. Large scale ball mill (generally larger than ф4000mm) mostly adopts overflowing type ball mill and hydrocyclone to form the grinding circuit. This will not only simplify the grinding structure but maintain easily;
  • When select autogenous grinding mill, semi-autogenous grinding mill and gravel grinding mill, you should pay attention to the following factors whether the grinding medium is good, the autogenous grinding index which can be tested by the autogenous grinding tester. According to the data processing to estimate whether it has good grinding medium, whether it needs autogenous grinding, semi-autogenous grinding and gravel grinding test.

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