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Gold Smelting Equipment Supplier in South Africa

Smelting will be the final stage within the production of tile gold. The objective of smelting is usually to get rid of the metallic as well as other impurities into the slag phase, and make a gold-silver bullion containing generally >95% precious metals. Smelting is achieved by heating the calcined cathodes m the presence of slag-forming fluxes, at temperatures in excess on the melting point of a the elements inside the charge. This smelt temperature is maintained for any period of time to ensure full separation from the impurities in to the slag. The molten gold and silver from an alloy that is heavier than the slag and hence sinks to the bottom on the smelting crucible. The gold gold-silver alloy is then cast into bars by pouring the molten charge out into moulds.

Gold Processing Equipment for Sale

A gold deposit need to b eblasted before smelted. Chunks of gold ore mined first initial crushing by jaw crusher; Then the larger gold ore is secondary crushing by cone crusher and impact crusher. Secondary-crushed gold ore needed to mill processing or direct smelting based on final demand. In this process, the crusher, grinding mill, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder are important processing equipments. High-quality gold processing equipment is the gold smelting provide good raw material base.


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