Concrete Crushing Production Line2019-06-04

Concrete is often too big to be reused for anything after it has been demolished, but reducing that concrete into a more manageable size allows it to be repurposed for new projects. Repurposing concrete also saves it from going into a landfill, which can reduce or eliminate hauling and disposal costs. 

our line of crushing solutions offers producers a way to recycle their concrete aggregate for reuse in other applications and industries. The company offers primary crushers for initially breaking down the concrete for sizing, as well as secondary crushers to further refine the crushed concrete. 
Using compression, impact, attrition and shear forces to achieve the desired material size, our crushers help producers keep construction costs low and reduce pollution to the environment. Like all of their equipment, our crushers come backed with the company’s support and service.
Concrete is a composite produced by mixing water, aggregate, cement and any other additives to achieve the desired physical properties of the finished material. When mixed together, these ingredients form a fluid that is easily molded into a shape. Over time, the cement forms a hard matrix that bonds the remaining ingredients together into a durable stone-like material for a variety of uses.
Although there are various concrete mixing methods, they are almost always transported to the job site using a mixer truck. After pouring the concrete from the truck, the chute of the ready-mixed concrete truck and the hopper of the concrete pump truck must be flushed out to remove the remaining concrete before hardening.
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