Application Of Barite In Paint Industry2021-04-24

In the paint industry, barite powder filler can increase the thickness, strength and durability of the paint film. Barite fillers for rubber and papermaking generally require BaSO4 greater than 98%, CaO less than 0.36%, and no magnesium oxide, lead, etc. are allowed.

(1) Lacquer and high-build paint: Barite powder has high filling properties and can be used in all coating series, such as primers, high-build paints and other types. It has low specific surface area and particle size distribution and easy flowability. To make barite powder have low abrasiveness during processing, barium sulfate is recommended for the surface layer of automatic primer, and it maintains good uniformity and smoothness even at high filling.

(2) Topcoat: Barite powder is superior to most other fillers, especially in chemical-resistant coatings. Its inertness, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic intermediary, excellent gloss and fineness of particles make The top coat can be protected during long-term exposure. Barium sulfate is recommended for the top coat, which can increase the surface hardness and color stability.

(3) Latex paint: Due to the weight, barite powder can only be used in latex paint, mainly used for high gloss, silk paint, and is known as "acid resistant" latex paint. It has acid resistance even when exposed The easy dispersibility, optical retention and easy retention of barite powder can increase its chemical properties. Barium sulfate can be used in high-gloss paints and latex paints.

(4) Printing inks: low abrasion, high gloss and color stability, low cohesion, combined with its easy flowability make barite powder suitable for high-quality printing inks, barium sulfate is recommended for high optical rotation inks .

(5) Wood products and paints: Barite powder has the characteristics of low cohesion, low light dispersion and fine particles. It is especially suitable for pigment topcoats, varnishes, spray paints, etc. According to research, barium sulfate has chemical resistance and weather resistance.

(6) Powder coatings: used in powder coatings, barite powder can improve its gloss, fluidity, filling and compatibility with various pigments.

(7) Adhesive: After the introduction of barite powder, the rheology is good, the filling is high and the chemical resistance is improved.

(8) Thermoplastics: The thermal conductivity and easy flowability of barite powder can reduce the injection molding time, and barium sulfate can be used as a nucleating agent to improve its strength and thermal stability.

(9)Paper coatings: the introduction of barite powder can increase its gloss and fluidity. For example, the white transparent colored paper in art paper. The titanium dioxide part can be replaced by barium sulfate without losing its gloss.

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