Application Advantages Of Limestone In Machine-made Sand2021-03-22

The use of limestone processing to make machine-made sand can effectively increase the yield of limestone lump ore, reduce the amount of limestone waste slag discharged, and the effect of energy saving and emission reduction is obvious.

Limestone Machine-made Sand Production Process

The processing of limestone is mainly crushing, grading and production of lime, slaked lime, precipitated calcium carbonate, carbon dioxide and so on. Limestone generally adopts dry crushing process. For metallurgical and road limestone, the ore can be crushed and screened.

The grade of limestone or limestone ore generally can meet the requirements of various industrial departments, and generally only simple washing is required, that is, the method of washing, crushing, screening or grading is used to process limestone or limestone ore.

The process flow of machine-made sand production is: feeding→coarse crushing→medium and fine crushing→screening→sand making→screening→sand washing→finished products.

The required equipment includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, sand washing machine and conveyor equipment.

Advantages Of Limestone Machine-made Sand

Limestone machine-made sand is made from waste materials, waste residues, stone powder and other waste surplus resources of limestone quarry, which are mechanically crushed, washed, and screened. The limestone machine-made sand processed according to the above process has the following advantages:

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