2020 SBM After-service Journey Of Grinding Mill Plant Line Of Shanxi Province2020-11-11

Go to the customers and listen to their truest voice...

It is a long journey of more than ten thousand miles. Up to now, the nearly one-month quality tour has finally come to an end. This time, the SBM return visit team came to the last stop of the journey-Shanxi.

During this trip to Shanxi, the returning delegation focused on returning to nearly ten customer sites, including one in Shaanxi. While providing maintenance services for on-site customers, the returning members did not forget to humbly solicit valuable opinions from customers.

Return Visit Details

It is understood that the customer is quite satisfied with the Shibang equipment he purchased. The staff overhauled the equipment and reset the equipment current to increase the output to 15 tons per hour.

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