30T/H Clean Coal Preparation Project In Hebei

Project Introduction

The project is located in Hebei Province and is a municipal project that provides fuel for urban heating boilers. Covering an area of 30 acres, it can meet the heating demand of 3 million square meters of urban heating area. Through the investigation and comparison of many equipment manufacturers, the customer finally chose the Shibang Group mill with high environmental protection, high quality and low operating cost. The project site uses two sets of vertical mill LM150A, Shibang Group provides system equipment from feeding, feeding, grinding, collecting, drying, conveying, explosion-proof, monitoring and control. The project was put into production in November 2017, with stable operation, and the output reached the expected requirements, and was well received by customers.

Project Overview

Raw material:Coal powder

Production capacity:30 tons/hour

Finished product:200 mesh

Major equipment:Two LM150A vertical mills

Product Advantages

Less Comprehensive Investment

The LM vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. The system is simple, the layout is compact, and the floor space is about 50% of the ball mill system, and it can be laid out in the open air, which greatly reduces investment costs.

Low Operating Cost

The grinding roller and liner of the LM vertical mill are made of high-quality materials. During work, the grinding roller and the grinding disc are not in direct contact with less abrasion; compared with the ball mill system, it can save energy consumption by 30%-40%, and the grinding efficiency is high; the oil cylinder is inspected and repaired. , The roller sleeve and liner can be replaced conveniently and quickly, which greatly reduces the loss of downtime and is easy to maintain.

High Quality Finished Products

The material stays in the mill for a short time, reducing repeated grinding, and is convenient for stabilizing product quality; the product contains little iron, which effectively guarantees the whiteness and purity of the material; the rotor speed is adjustable to meet the fineness requirements of different requirements .

High Environmental Standards

The equipment runs stably with low vibration and low noise; the system is sealed as a whole and works under negative pressure, no dust spills, environmentally friendly and clean, and emission standards far exceed international standards.

Automatic Control System

The equipment includes an automatic control system, which can realize free switching between remote control and local control, easy to operate and save labor.

Project Benefits

The design of the project is adapted to local conditions, the entire production site has a compact and reasonable layout, and the production line is smooth and simple.

The production site is equipped with a high-standard coal mill special explosion-proof dust collector, and all tail gas is piped to the boiler system desulfurization tower, which completely realizes clean emissions and is green and environmentally friendly.

The mill adopts external thin oil lubrication station and hydraulic station. The main machine roller bearings and reducer are all lubricated with thin oil, which can continuously produce for 24 hours without stopping. The lubrication system is stable and reliable, and maintenance is simple.

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