Light Calcined Magnesia Grinding By SCM1250 , 150,000 TPY For Refractory


The grinding plant is located in Tibetan Plateau, which has long been known as the roof of the world.

Project Information

1. Equipping with high quality device to meet processing needs

For the nature of light calcined magnesia, we have carried out professional treatment and optimization design on equipment. The pipes are sprayed with special materials, and the use of circulating air system can reduce the viscosity of materials. In addition, the use of dust cleaning device can reduce the blockage of mill.

2. Choosing proper auxiliary equipment to get rid of plateau constraints

For plateau conditions such as thin air, we equip the plant with well-known fan to improve the operation stability, which can effectively avoid the adverse effects of plateau environment.

3. Hierarchical layout to solve the site limitation

After many demonstrations, we finally adopted hierarchical layout design of tower according to actual situation, which perfectly satisfied the site planning needs of customer.

4. Automatic operation helps reduce cost and increase efficiency

The plant adopts centralized control system. The whole operation processes can be clearly grasped and labor costs are saved. This greatly improves efficiency and saves costs.

5. Whole period services to solve customer's worries

The project adopts SBM's EPC package scheme, we help to carry out project operation throughout the whole process, including plan design, construction, personnel training, after-sales service... ensuring the stability of production.

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