100,000t Active Carbon Powder Plant In Ningxia, China


The customer is a newly built activated carbon manufacturer with an annual output of 100,000 tons in Ningxia. Taking into account the environmental protection effect, the degree of automation, the equipment maintenance cycle and other factors, the customer finally chose the vertical mill production line of SBM. This is another large-scale application of SBM vertical mill in the activated carbon industry.

Requirement Information

Raw material: coal, blue charcoal, asphalt mixture

Finished product: coal powder

Production capacity: 100,000 tons per year; no less than 20 tons per hour

Feeding size: ≤20mm

Finished product size: 200 mesh D90

Product use: used to produce coal-based activated carbon

SBM Recommendation

Main equipment: LM190M vertical mill, enclosed quantitative feeder, electric control cabinet, etc.

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